Supercharge Your Pipeline Performance.

EverPel is an advanced nano-treatment that reduces drag resistance while preventing corrosion within existing pipelines. With EverPel, operators can reduce pumping power and decrease valuable pipeline downtime.

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About everpel

EverPel is a chemically inert surface protection technology that prevents corrosion while reducing pipeline drag resistance. EverPel can be easily applied in-situ to corroded pipelines, valves, and other metal parts without disassembly or re-installment. EverPel is was developed for the Oil & Gas industry and optimized for performance under extreme temperatures, pressures, and marine environments without deterioration of the product’s quality.

EverPel™ offers the following benefits:

  • Flow assurance, corrosion protection, water and oil repellency at extreme pressure and temperature conditions.
  • Easy mixing and use, clean up, and application via dip, paint, spray or flushing in-situ to metal, ceramic and polymer substrates.
  • Requires minimal surface preparation and can be applied to retrofit and repair existing installations.
  • Flexible, mechanically durable, and strongly adhering.

EverPel’s advanced hydrophobic properties can be used to increase the flow of pipes with drag-reducing capabilities, can be applied to surfaces for self-cleaning purposes, and be used as an anti-biofouling coating to reduce algae and mussel growth on buoys, boats, and other submerged objects.


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EverPel - In action