Flow Assurance

Flow assurance and protecting pipelines from corrosion and fouling are critical to operations in upstream and midstream environments.

EverPel: Hydrate Mitigation

Hydrates, also known as hydrate plugs, can confine the rate of flow, and damage equipment and jeopardize the safety of the operators. The formation of hydrates can occur at high-pressure/low-temperatures, resulting in serious concerns for deepwater and subsea environments. EverPel's low surface energy restricts hydrates from forming, reducing the need for maintenance and extending the "use life" of assets.

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EverPel: Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion results from chemical reactions that naturally occur internal and external to pipelines. EverPel is a multi-layer composite coating that utilizes a corrosion resistant, passivating base layer and a low-friction, low-surface energy topcoat. The combined coating system acts as an impermeable corrosion barrier between fluids and substrate.

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EverPel: Thermostability

Heat transfer and temperature range play an important role in the design of pipelines to keep liquids at favorable temperatures. However, inconsistency can result in unpredictable situations, the formation of hydrates, and loss in productivity. EverPel is suitable for use in the extreme temperatures and pressures typical found in downhole conditions.

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EverPel: Increased Durability

EverPel can be applied to existing, installed hardware of varying geometry (such as buried pipelines, heat exchangers, downhole casing, and critical valves) with minimal surface preparation. EverPel requires minimal surface preparation and can be applied to retrofit and repair existing installations.

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